ACPT understands the importance of your favorite plugin or theme to you

Always working to make ACPT compatibile with your favorite plugin or theme

Here is the full list of integrations with third-party plugins and themes. Do you want ACPT to be integrated with ? Drop us a mail to!



Divi is probably one of the most widely used Wordpress themes. The Divi visual builder is extremely powerful and easy-to-use for every user.

ACPT can be used in two ways: as dynamic data source or as a custom widget.

builderBricks builder

Bricks builder

Bricks builder is one of the best emerging Wordpress visual builders. Bricks won the 2022 Template Monster Award for the Best WordPress Builder.

ACPT is fully integrated in the Bricks builder and can be used as dynamic data source.



Elementor does not need further presentations. It is the first visual builder and it is the reference point for all the other competitors.

ACPT adds to Elementor the registered meta fields as new blocks.



Gutenberg is the official visual builder of Wordpress. After a difficult start, it is growing up as a good choice for building your next website.

ACPT adds to Gutenberg a custom widget for shortcode generation.



Woocommerce imposed itself as Wordpress e-commerce market leader, with hundreds of extensions, themes and plugins.

ACPT offers a tailored customization of product data and meta fields.



WPGraphQL is the best (and free) plugin available which allows the integration of GraphQL language in a Wordpress site at ease.

ACPT introduces new nodes to graphQL representations for fetching data.