2nd February 2023
  • Added headline placement to advanced propertiesimprovement
  • Added width and columns to advanced propertiesimprovement
  • Allow license deactivation from ACPT dashboardimprovement
  • Bricks builder: fix for image, gallery and repeater fieldsfix
  • Correct taxonomy registration (fix post_tag wrong hierarchical param)fix
  • Other bugfixesfix


26th January 2023
  • Meta field manager keyboard navigationnew
  • Added min/max/step/pattern to advanced propertiesimprovement
  • Introduced an alert when deleting all metaimprovement
  • Added label to File fieldimprovement
  • Render shortcodes in text/textarea/editor fieldsimprovement
  • Correct CPT registration (fix archive slug bug)fix
  • Correct taxonomy registration (now it's possible to share the same taxonomy to several CPTs)fix
  • [acpt_user] shortcode fixfix
  • Repeater template fixfix
  • Bricks builder: data provider loader fix (child theme bug)fix
  • Other bugfixesfix


17th January 2023
  • Copy and duplicate meta box and fieldsnew
  • Bricks builder: using the proper PHP hook to inject ACPT data providerimprovement
  • API docs: added missing routesimprovement
  • Missing wp media object fixfix
  • Minor bugfixesfix


9th January 2023
  • Added taxonomy meta box fieldsnew
  • Added checkbox and radio button meta fieldsnew
  • First release of official Divi modulenew
  • Plugin update curl fixfix
  • Use nl2br function for Textarea and Editor fieldsfix
  • Other bugfixesfix


14th December 2022
  • Meta box field validation improvementimprovement
  • Licence manager improvementsimprovement
  • Visual builder: fix for WP code snippetsfix
  • Bricks builder: fix errorsfix
  • Advanced meta fields: fix for children elementsfix
  • Other bugfixesfix


30th November 2022
  • Bricks Builder data providernew
  • Visual builder: added theme's header(s) and footer(s)improvement
  • New PHP function: acpt_child_fieldimprovement


21th November 2022
  • Completed renewed UIimprovement
  • Completely new visual builder based on Grapsjsnew
  • Added advanced option to meta box fieldsnew
  • Minor bugfixesfix


26th October 2022
  • License manager improvementsfix


17th October 2022
  • Download link improvementimprovement


11th October 2022
  • New license managernew