Meta fields manager - ACPT

Meta fields manager

ACPT offers a completa meta field management, for custom post types, taxonomies and users.

Managing meta boxes

Navigate to ACPT dashboard and locate the column named "Meta boxes". Click on Create.

The meta fields manager looks like this:

You can notice that the window is divided in two sections:

  • the interactive area
  • a small navigation map

The interactive area

On the header you find some buttons:

  • Add meta box
  • Delete all
  • Save

Try to create the first meta box: click of Add meta box button.

The first thing to do is to type the box name: simply double-click on the title to edit it.

Please note three icons on the box header:

  • the sorting handle
  • the delete button
  • the collapse button

At the bottom of meta box field the is an "Add field" button, click it to add a meta field.

Managing meta fields

Click on Add new field button.

The meta field manager is divided in three main tabs:

  • BASIC: the basics fields. From the top to bottom you have:
    - Show in admin archive: click on this button if you want to show this meta field in the admin post type archive page in the admin panel;
    - Field required: click on this button if you want this field to be required;
    - Field name: write here the name of the field;
    - Field type: select the field type. Please refer to the dedicated section for more info
    - Default value: the default value
    - Description: the description tip
  • ADVANCED: here you can find some advanced field, they are totally optional
  • CONDITIONAL LOGIC: please refer to the specific section for more details

Sorting items

Every item (meta box, field or option) can be sorted keeping pressed the sorting handle button ("the three dots button") present in every panel.

The navigation map

This small map represents the tree of your meta fields.

The active box/field is marked in bold.

Use this map for a quick and convenient navigation through the Interactive area clicking on the tree nodes.